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What to do if you realise you have misfuelled

If someone realises they have misfuelled, they should ideally NOT start the engine but call us on 078333 10219 for advice. Depending on the level of contamination, our technical team will advise you. In most cases, a fuel drain will be required.
Although people always feel embarrassed, we try to lessen the pain by offering a speedy, cost-effective solution for the customer,
as well as minimising the impact on the environment.


  • Serious damage to your engine could result from the misfuel and petrol or diesel contamination.
  • There are an estimated 150,000 misfuels in the UK each year
  • 95 per cent of them are people putting petrol into diesel vehicles due to the wider diesel filler neck and narrower unleaded nozzle
  • Growing problem over last five years due to the high sales of diesel cars, improved and refined diesel engine technology and the rise of multi-car ownership
  • Largely a UK problem – continental Europe has had a higher penetration of diesel cars for longer, so it's not as big an issue
  • Can be very expensive for some vehicle owners: manufacturers often recommend change of parts (as high as £5,000+) and garages often charge £300+ for a fuel drain.
Wrong Fuel Removal have a swift and reliable fuel drain system to
remove incorrect fuels from car, van & truck tanks including safe disposal of the contaminated fuel.
  • Empty fuel tanks cost motorists much time, delayed journeys, traffic hold ups and can damage fuel systems when running 'dry'. 
  • Fill up at the start of your journey and have an idea of your vehicles consumption to plan service/petrol station refills and rest stops..

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