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Colin Barker 20/01/2016 bradford Having wrongly filled my motor homes fuel tank with water I then contacted Alan to explain the problem. He came over and removed the fuel tank from my large Mercedes based motor home drained and cleaned out the tank refitted and filled with fresh diesel started and made sure all was ok, checked for leaks. All in all a superb job by a man who I would not hesitate to recommend

Rachel Moran 08/01/2016 Manchester After realising 35 later, that I had put unleaded in my diesel car, I hadn't started it but I was in a fit of panic over what to do, and upset over the damage I had caused my car. I called my Renault, who quoted an extortionate amount just to the tow the car, and would take a couple of days to drain. Thankfully after some advice from friends I got told to call a firm who then put me through to Alan, who covers my area.
Within 10 minutes Alan called, to say he would be there within 40 minutes and would fix my car.
Sure enough 40 minutes later he arrived, and set to work, due to my awkward fuel tank entrance, he had to use a smaller hose than normal so it took a little longer than usual. But sure enough 40 minutes later, the car was completely drained (phew) and assured no damage was done!! Alan, brought me some diesel with him, as he suspected the petrol station closed at 10.00 pm, and then followed me to the nearest open petrol station to ensure I had filled up and the car was fine.
Cannot rate this guy enough, fixed the problem in a calm and professional manner in a exceptionally reasonable amount of time, and a very competitive price.
If it happens again (which I hope it doesn't) I know Alan will be my first point of call.

Richard 07/01/2016 Chester After filling up with petrol instead if diesel and driving for at least half a mile before stopping I was extremely worried about the damage and cost of getting my car up and running again. Alan from Wrong Fuel Removal reassured me that he could get the car back up and running and would be with me that same day. He arrived promptly and was a very polite and easy going chap, he got me up and running again in less than an hour and even followed me to the nearest petrol station to ensure the car re-started after filling up with the correct fuel! Excellent service, can definitely recommend.

jimmy 02/12/2015 Chester Just bought a newer used diesel car to replace my older petrol one.So when the low fuel light came on I went to fill up.BUT!...having use a petrol car for the last 3 years...brain on auto mode and put 8 litres of unleaded in!AND drove it 10 miles and died!waited over an hour for breakdown service just to be told they can't fix it then said my breakdown service don't cover misfuel anyway!but he offered to call me a 'chain' misfuel guy out to fix it for 285 or to get towed home!?I said TOW please!so next day,found this site,spoke to Alan then HEY PRESTO.Punctual,very reasonably priced and FUNNY too!Finished in under an hour.I now believe ALL this site's reviews about Alan are 100% true.This GENTLEMAN is phenomenal and I believe he will NEVER leave you in a lurch!Alan...you deserve every penny you ask for and I salute you Sir.Don't fooled by his reflector jacket...it's really a CAPE! :)

Sarah Gilbert 03/09/2015 Whalley Lancashire After returning from a holiday break, I committed the age old classic trick of filling up with the same fuel I had been using whilst away! An expensive mistake, but made easier and more bearable by the fantastic care, communication and very competitively priced Alan. Will come highly recommended by me, should anyone else find themselves in the same situation. Cheers Alan.

kenny dickson Thursday 20th of August Speke Liverpool Just like to thank Alan came to the rescue when I put the wrong fuel in came within an hour pleasant and a polite guy.I will recommend Alan.
Thank you Alan.

Mark 12/07/2014 Stockport Put unleaded into my diesel car today by mistake so took to the internet looking for help! Found wrong fuel removal and gave them a call.. Alan was with us within the hour and had us back on the road half hour later... Very grateful and happy with the fast efficient service for a reasonable price

Paul Beak 03/07/2014 whitchurch Shropshire In a moment of inattention i filled my diesel tank in my motorhome with 30 litres of water. RAC was useless after 4 hours decided that i wasn't covered. I contacted Fuel Removal and Alan arrived within an hour at 9 pm and worked until 3am.

He removed the contmaninated fuel then the fuel tank and carefully cleaned out all the residual water that would have damaged my engine.

He was very careful and dilligent, pleasant and tough; it wasnt an easy job on the ground in the dark.

I would recommend him with a great deal of confidence.

Ian Duxbury 26/05/2014 Preston, Lancs After putting in half a tank's worth of unleaded to fill my DIESEL Rover on a Bank Holiday Monday evening, the prospects for getting it sorted looked slim, to say the least. After researching and being impressed by the positive comments on this site, I rang Alan and was amazed to find that he was more than happy to turn out that evening to sort the problem out. I can only reiterate other's comments as to his friendly, efficient and wholly professional service at a cost well below some well-known others (RAC wanted a 110 more for just draining the fuel!). Highly reccommended.

Hazel 08/12/2013 Preston I put 30 of Petrol in my diesel freelander 2 and drove it 5 miles home , car juddered a little bit just 200m from home but I didn't think anything of it. 10 mins later went back to car to go out again and it wouldn't start up. I even swore blind to my husband that I was 99.9%sure I had put diesel in as I had gone to the expensive diesel pump first and backed up to the other one...but on opening the cap there was a hiss and it did smell of petrol so I had to concede.My husband wanted to tow it to our garage 10 miles away but I read the reviews on here and thought I would ring. What a genuinely honest and helpful man Alan is. He came on a miserable December Sunday and sorted the car out very efficiently and the cost was very reasonable considering it included fuel with additive. So if you are reading this wondering who to try then I have no hesitation in recommending this man. Thank you once again Alan....I am now going to google for a device to stop me making the same mistake again.

Paula 17/11/2013 Preston Husband inadvertently put petrol in his diesel Landrover Freelander. Called Alan after doing a google search and not getting through to the so called big "Names". As the hubbie had to be somewhere else, he took my car and left me to sort out the problem. Alan arrived by the said he would and promptly got to work, my sole input was to provide him with a cup of tea! As others have stated the driveway was protected by mats all the time and Alan was methodical and efficient throughout and despite the Freelander being a particularly awkward mark, Alan had it back on the road with no (fingers crossed)lasting issues, including resetting the onboard computer that was going mad showing a fuel fault.
Would definitely recommend Alan although with the best will in the world, I hope we don't need him again. Needless to say my car wasn't refuelled on return ;0)

bob 28/03/2011 preston I would like to say thankyou to this kind fella Alan for sorting my car out after filling it with petrol when its a desiel by mistake I would not think twice about calling him again great service once again thankyou.

John Riley 30/03/2010 Manchester Fantastic service from Alan having filled up with 52 of wrong fuel prior to weekend away called Alan who arrived within 40 mins and had the car running again within the hour. Drove off 500 miles plus without the car missing a beat. Wonderful fast and efficient service if you need this service call Alan

Paul 16/03/2010 Ormskirk An excellent service, from making the call to back on the road it took less than 3 hours! Would recommend to anyone.

Dr Amrat Singh 03/02/2010 Wirral Very impressive, it was friendly, fast and efficient service that I highly recommend to anyone finding themsleves in this unfortunate situation.

Graham 16/01/2010 Runcorn Great service from Alan. I put petrol in my diesel car and I was struggling to find a garage that could help in a timely manner. Most garages wanted me to recover the car and then the usual "damaged parts! expect it to be expensive" comment. I needed some help. Alan gave me reassurance that the problem could be resolved with no fuss and it was. From my call to Alan at 3pm on a Friday the car was reusable by 9pm the same day. Many thanks - Graham

Michael Hodgett 17/11/2009 Sheffield filled diesel van with unleaded petrol
very efficient and cheap service
thanks to alan, 'recommend'

Arthur 11/10/2009 Manchester I was absolutely gutted when I inadvertently put 20 worth of petrol in my wife's 12 month old diesel car. She was most understanding, threw her arms around me and said, "don't worry darling, accidents will happen". Now back to the truth; after she'd finished cursing me in front of everyone on the forecourt, we decided to drive the car the 3 miles back home. (I know we shouldn't have driven it but I just needed to escape from all those sniggering onlookers).
This was the first time anything like this had happened to us and we were at a total loss what to do. We spent some on the internet and soon came across Alan's web page. We rang him at 08.45 on the Sunday morning and was amazed when he said, he would be with us by 12.30pm after completing another job in Bradford.
True to his word he arrived on time and got to work immediately. He placed a protective mat on our driveway and was able to drain the contaminated fuel direct from the engine fuel line. He refilled the tank with 20 litres of uncontaminated diesel and the car started immediately. There was no mess, no fuss and the work was completed satisfactorily in no time at all at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone. He is a real pro and an expert in his job. We new from our first contact with him what the cost would be; there was no hidden extras and my wife's car now drives as good as new. He is a true gentleman.

Once again, many thanks for all your help Alan, and for pulling us out of the s*** (soup).

Luke 07/10/2009 South Liverpool Alan quickly responded to my online query and followed-up with a phone call. He agreed to come out to my car early this morning and his quote was very competitive. He drained the fuel tank, flushed the system with diesel and put additive in the tank. He filled up the tank with diesel and then started the car. He waited with me for several minutes and even followed me home to make sure that I had no problems.
He provided an excellent and highly efficient service - I have no hesitation in recommending him to others including my friends and family. Many thanks!

Ken 20/09/2009 Runcorn Great fast service after my better half put 50 of petrol in our CRV and drove it till it stopped. Alan rushed to our rescue and had it running in less than an hour. Marriage saved
and car fine. Who needs counseling. A+++

Ian 16/09/2009 stoke on trent well what can i say, we had a problem with the bonnet catch, but when we released it it was plain sailing and such a relief as i was imagining hundreds of pounds to sort the engine out.thanks alan our good samaritan

Carole 31/08/2009 Chorley Lancashire. Thanks to Alan, my 3 month old car was put right within hours after I filled up at the wrong pump.I didn't even realise what I had done at the time and drove home. Found this site when I 'googled' my problem, and Alan was on his way (on a bank holiday) before I confessed to my husband.Divorce averted ! Thanks again Alan.

Steve Jones 29/08/2009 Ashton-in-Makerfield Don't get stressed get Alan !
A1 honest professional bloke who delivers top quality friendly service.

Geoff & Debbie 23/08/2009 Lancaster Excellent, friendly service. From Warrington to Lancaster on a wet and windy Sunday morning - no fuss, just got the job done. Thank you Alan.
p.s. even able to pay using PayPal.

Trevor Clegg 10/08/2009 Bradford, West Yorkshire Big thanks Alan for your speedy, professional and efficient service and for your consideration in getting to me quickly. You give me no option but to give you the highest recommendation. Everything worked exactly as you had outlined beforehand and this gives me great confidence in using you again. Oh!, I nearly forgot, you were also the cheapest. I'll be keeping you card safe - just in case I need you in the future.

Francesca 09/08/2009 Lancashire I put 20 of petrol in my diesel car and drove 9 miles home, I went on the internet to see what I could do about it and found this website. The car was sorted within an hour, Alan came all the way from Warrington to just outside Blackpool at 6.30 this evening, Sunday night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I told you while you were here you are an angel. Fabulous, quick and professional service.

Nick 07/08/2009 Manchester I completely filled my 65 litre diesel Alfa 159 with unleaded petrol late at night. I called Alan and he arrived within an hour and really took the time necessary to fully drain the tank and flush through the filter. Alan even followed me to a local 24hr garage to make sure everything was okay. I highly recommend using Alan, the service was fast, friendly, and very good value for money.

Andy Baird 24/07/2009 Warrington After a quick phone call at 7pm on a Friday, Alan came to my car within 30 mins and drained the tank, flushed the fuel filter and got the car started with no problems. I am very grateful for his quick and professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan.

Michael 09/07/2009 Preston Lancashire Amazed and very happy. This guy was with me within 50 minutes of calling. He carried out a full cleaning of the system in about another 50 minutes, even though I had already driven the car about 10 miles then broken down on the road. 110% happy and cost a realistic price not thousands. He even brought 20 litres of diesel and only charged the local forecourt price. brilliant!!!!!
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